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Social Issues Photography

In addition to his client based  commercial freelance photography work, Mark Harvey has an extensive portfolio of work that aims to highlight a range of social issues. This body of work has developed from Mark’s interest and commitment to help within the areas, of homelessness, drug abuse, legal highs and mental health.

Over the last 4 years Mark has worked as a volunteer supporting the Cathedral Archer Project, a homeless day centre based at Sheffield Cathedral. The aim of the project is to help homeless people achieve a better life by supporting them to develop their independence and improve their wellbeing. Within this project, Mark offers his time to work with the homeless and runs a weekly photography workshop.

His work with the homeless people of Sheffield has been featured in a number of exhibitions in the Sheffield area. He is currently an artist in residence at Bank Street Arts. The Street View Exhibition was a project initiated and developed by the Open College of Arts and featured Mark’s work with Sheffield’s Archer Project giving homeless and vulnerable people the chance to use photography to document their every day lives and the challenges they face.  Images from the project have been exhibited in Sheffield Winter Garden as part of the annual Off the Shelf  festival and at Edge Hill University. The project was also featured in the April 2017 edition of the Big Issue North.

In August 2016, Bank Street Arts hosted an exhibition of Mark’s photographs depicting people from some of Sheffield’s marginalised communities, a number of whom have experienced homelessness. Baggage features the portraits of 10 people, each holding bags that are in some way significant to their daily life.

In February 2017 Mark hosted a symposium at Sheffield’s Workstation that explored representations of homelessness in the media. This was followed by a further exhibition at Bank Street called A Box For My Bed illustrating the places in Sheffield where rough sleepers bunk down for the night.

Mark supplies images to commercial organisations such as the Equalities Commission and various charities for use in publications and the press. Examples of theses images are shown below and are available for purchase at Alamy.


All images © 1985-2017 Mark Harvey.