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Charities & Non Profit Organisations

iD.8 Photography has developed a particular specialism working with Charities and Non Profit Organisations (NGOs). Mark Harvey has undertaken numerous commissions on behalf of clients such as the Alzheimers Society, Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association, Action on Hearing Loss, Giroscope, the Children’s Food Trust, the Big Issue and Foundation for Change. The work is a mixture of raising issues awareness alongside corporate photography at events, staff portraits, and internal and external publications.

Many of the images provided by Mark are used in publications and to support specific schemes and funding programmes. In order to undertake this work, Mark uses his ability to develop relationships with his subjects in order to put them at ease and gain their trust. This patient approach to his work allows Mark to capture outstanding images that demonstrate some of the difficulties and issues facing various groups within society.

Examples of these images are shown below and in the portfolios on the site. Please feel free to contact Mark Harvey on 0780 258 7598 if you have any upcoming projects that would benefit from Mark’s experience working in this area.


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